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Court Sentencings - Sept. 28
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Melvin C. Belcher, violation of probation, 150-210 days detention center.
Matthew C. Barber, violation of probation, 90 to 150 days detention center.
Jason M. Floyd, violation of probation, 210-270 days detention center.
Kendrick Gresham, felony possession of contraband, five years probation consecutive, $1,000.
Teresa L. Knight, first degree forgery, 10 years probation, three years confinement concurrent, $1,000. Violation of probation, revoke three years.
Gary L. Sanford, possession of marijuana, 12 months probation, $500. DUI, 12 months probation consecutive, $750. 40 hours community service, driver's license suspended.
April L. Ward, theft by taking, sentencing Oct. 6. Stay away order.
Jeffrey R. Nunn, DUI, 12 months probation, 90 days Newton County Jail, $1,000. Public indecency, 12 months probation consecutive, $500. Driving without license, 12 months probation concurrent, $500. 240 hours community service, stay away order.
Trinity L. Williams, theft by taking, 10 years probation, four years confinement, $1,000. Felony obstruction, five years probation consecutive, $1,000. Misdemeanor obstruction, 12 months confinement concurrent. Violation of Probation, revoke four years to prison. Stay away order.
Michael J. Robinson II, misdemeanor criminal trespass, 12 months probation, $500. Stay away order.
Jeremy S. Kidd, false information, 12 months probation, $1,000.
Craig Bailey Sr., Family Violence Act battery, 12 months probation, $1,000. Third degree cruelty to children, 12 months probation consecutive, $500.
Cynthia L. McKibben, violation of probation. Reset Oct. 6.
Richard Mapp, theft by taking, 12 months probation, 30 days work release program, $1,000. Criminal trespass, 12 months probation consecutive, $500. Stay away order.
Corey W. Harbins, violation of probation, reset.
Loretta Iona-Audrey Paul, theft by shoplifting, 12 months probation, $500. False information, 12 months probation consecutive, $500. Stay away order.
Linda W. McKenzie, violation of probation, revoke balance, seven months, 28 days.
Ashley N. Few, violation of probation, 180-240 days detention center.
Franklin Laughlin, violation of probation, eight months Newton County Jail, revoke balance.
Terry Nolan Hall, criminal trespass, 12 months probation, 30 days work release Walton County, $1,000. Driving with license expired, 12 months probation consecutive, $500.