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Couple has car egged by vandals
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Couple calls police after their vehicle is egged
A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff's Office spoke to a man and his wife at a home on Chandler Fields Drive who said someone egged their vehicle and sprayed ketchup on the front of their house. The man said it was the third time someone egged his house in the past week. He said he believed the children located at a residence in the neighborhood were responsible. The deputy said he walked to the residence where the man said the children lived and observed broken egg shells and foot prints in the front yard. The deputy said it appeared whoever threw the eggs were standing in front of the front yard of the residence. The deputy knocked on the door and asked the mother about the incident and she became upset. He advised the woman to talk with her children about the incident. No items were reported damaged.

Social Circle woman arrested after throwing laundry detergent on her brother
Sarah York, 23, was arrested by a deputy with the Newton County Sheriff's Office after her mother told him York damaged property at her house and assaulted her and her son. The deputy spoke with the mother on Friday morning around 12:22 a.m. She said she got in an argument with York who pushed her. The mother said York made two holes in the wall in the laundry room and threw laundry detergent on her juvenile brother. York admitted to the deputy that she did damage the walls and throw detergent on her brother. She was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing, simple assault and cruelty to children.

Man's car stolen from his job
An employee with White Construction Company located at Herring Street told police on Thursday morning that someone stole his vehicle. The man said he came to work and noticed his 2004 Ford 2500 super duty truck was not parked in the fenced-in area next to the building. He said he got out of his car and noticed the lock on the gate was cut off and laying on the ground. The man told police that he had the only key to the vehicle and it was at his house.

Police spoke with a female employee who the man said was the last one to leave the building. The woman said she left on Wednesday evening around 5:10 p.m., and the truck was still parked in the fenced in area. The police officer reported that the estimated value of the vehicle was $ 23,000.