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Newton County fulfills promise to Covington in making landfill roads more accessible

COVINGTON, Ga. — Newton County completed amending all main roads in the landfill, following a request by the city of Covington to make access more accessible to the city’s new trash haulers.

Asphalt millings and rock base with graded aggregate base – crusher run – were placed on roads within the landfill, compacted and graded smooth with a motor grader.

Newton County agreed to the road improvements with Covington, which recently outsourced two hauling contracts.

Covington contracted with Latham Home Sanitation for residential pickup and Advance Waste Disposal for commercial waste. Both companies agreed with the to take waste hauled from Covington to the Newton County landfill if improvements were made to the road.

Approximately 1,100 tons of GAB — taking 60 dump truck loads — were used to resurface the roads.