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Newton County Sheriff's Office hosts graduation ceremony for RSAT and #1 Dads programs

NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. — Sheriff Ezell Brown and the Newton County Sheriff’s Office celebrated the graduation of ten inmate residents from the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) program and seven from the #1 Dads program on March 28, 2024. The graduation ceremony took place inside the agency’s training room. 

The RSAT program offers incarcerated inmate residents a chance for rehabilitation. This threemonth program is specifically designed to assist individuals in cultivating cognitive, behavioral, social, vocational, and other essential skills to address substance abuse-related issues. 

During the graduation ceremony, Sheriff Brown emphasized the Office of the Sheriff's commitment to rehabilitation, seeing it as crucial for individuals reintegrating into society as productive citizens. He highlighted the months-long RSAT program as instrumental in equipping inmate residents with the necessary tools for a productive life post-incarceration. 

"I understand that it's not solely up to one individual to aid these residents," Brown said. "It requires a collective effort to ensure their success throughout and after the program. Therefore, I extend my gratitude to my staff and all facilitators for their exceptional dedication in securing a prosperous future for these individuals." 

The following inmate residents graduated from the RSAT program on March 28: Matthew Boswell, James Dodson, Chris Bishop, Christopher Cartee, Michael McDaniel, Joshua Shull, John Castro, Lee Shiver, Michelle Strange and Crystal Wallace. 

The NCSO partnered with Action, Inc., to provide the #1 Dads Program inside the Newton County Detention Center. The #1 Dads program aims to strengthen, establish, or reestablish relationships between adult fathers and their children, or fathers and their spouses/partners and their children. Through workshops, case management, and job skills training, the program fosters responsible fatherhood, healthy marriage, and economic stability. On March 28, the following inmate residents graduated from the #1 Dads Program: Matthew Boswell, James Dodson, Chris Bishop, Christopher Cartee, Michael McDaniel, Joshua Shull and John Castro. 

Because of the jail-based programs offered in the Newton County Detention Center, the NSO has seen a 50.6 percent decrease in the number of repeat offenders returning to the Detention Center since 2008. The NCSO provides over 20 jail-based programs tailored to the needs of inmate residents housed within its facility.