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Lanier Sims to step down from Solid Waste Authority
Lanier Sims
Lanier Sims

NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. – Newton County Commissioner Lanier Sims announced Tuesday he will resign from the Newton County Solid Waste Authority at the end of the fiscal year, as his term as a county commissioner will end with the calendar year.

Sims said the end of the fiscal year, which is June 30, would allow him to be available for six months for the new commissioner in the role.

“I thought this would give the next commissioner the opportunity for six months to, I guess, hurry up and get their feet wet but also I’ll still be here to help give some history with solid waste,” he said. “I have eight years of dealing with it and I know the issues that we have dealt with regarding the landfill reformation project.

“I know coming on new board when you don’t have a historical knowledge it makes it very difficult, so I’d love to work with that next commissioner that sits on that board for my last six months.”