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Henderson Mill traffic shifting to new, safer Hwy 36 intersection March 14
COVINGTON, Ga. - The end is near for the $1.9 million State Route 36 at Henderson Mill Road reconstruction project.

Henderson Mill Road
Construction at the intersection of Henderson Mill Road and Highway 36 is expected to be complete in March of this year. - photo by Jackie Gutknecht

Wednesday, March 14 vehicles will move to the relocated Henderson Mill Road approach to SR 36 and notice a fully operational signalized intersection. Personnel will also be in the area striping the new configuration.

Expect temporary delays as contractors work to implement the changes next week.

Overall, this project consists of the realignment of Henderson Mill Road approximately 0.19 miles south of the existing intersection with signals at the existing SR 36 and Flat Shoals Road/Steele Road and Henderson Mill Road. The final roadway will consist of two, 12-foot travel lanes in each direction with 12-foot left and right turn lanes onto Flat Shoals/Steele Road and Henderson Mill Road.

The current intersection creates a “five-point” environment which is not desirable for optimal safety and operational efficiency. This project will regulate currently uncontrolled access points from the adjacent properties to SR 36, Steele Road and Flat Shoals Road and increase sight distance for drivers approaching all sides of the intersection.