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Calls asking for money is a jury scam
Linda Hays

NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. - The Newton County Clerk of Courts office warns all Newton County residents of a jury scam being conducted over telephones recently.

The scam reportedly is being conducted by a caller claiming to be from the sheriff’s office. The caller is reportedly telling citizens they did not show up for jury duty and were being charged with a felony and would have a warrant issued for their arrest if they did not pay a fine. The alleged scammers are instructing citizens to pay their fines through a Green Dot card.

Please do not buy a card for this purpose. The Newton County Clerk of Courts and Newton County Sheriff’s Office will not call asking for money or to inform you of a warrant for your arrest. Do not give out any private information if you are contacted concerning this jury scam.

“You might be called if you did not show up to jury duty, however you would not be called asking for money or telling you a warrant has been issued,” Newton County Clerk of Court Linda Hays said. “This is a scam.”

If you have any questions about a phone call concerning jury duty, please contact the Clerk of Courts office at 770-784-2035.