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Anthony Henderson made CEO of Nelson Heights
The Nelson Heights Community Center is located at 7200 Lassiter St. SW in Covington.

COVINGTON, Ga. – According to the amended annual registration filed by Nelson Heights Community Services Tuesday, June 19 with the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, Covington City Councilman Anthony Henderson has been made CEO of the center.

Two separate amended registration filings come one week after the center’s annual registration was submitted to the state.

The filings list Anthony Henderson as the CEO, J.C. Henderson as the secretary and Sandy Henderson as the CFO. The registered agent name was also changed to Anthony Henderson in the June 19 filing.

PDF: Nelson Heights Amended Annual Registration, June 19
PDF: Nelson Heights Amended Annual Registration, June 18

In the June 5 Newton County Board of Commissioners meeting, Commissioner Henderson told the BOC Anthony Henderson, had been named CEO of the center.

"We went and had a meeting and made a document for Miss Judy to type up. What it said was that my son, Anthony Henderson, as of last week, was going to be the CEO of Nelson Heights,” Commissioner Henderson said during the June 5 BOC meeting.

On June 11, however, the annual registration for the center was filed with the SOS’s office listing J.C. Henderson as the CEO and Anthony Henderson as the CFO. Sandy Henderson was listed as the secretary. 

PDF: Nelson Heights Annual Registration