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2024 Preliminary Election Results
Election coverage

UPDATE #3 (9:59 a.m.):  Unofficial results are in. All 19 precincts have reported 100 percent of their votes.

In the chairman race, incumbent Marcello Banes defeated current Tax Commissioner Marcus Jordan and will continue to hold the chairman position.

The tax commissioner seat will go to a runoff between Brent Bennett and Avis Williams, joining the District 3 race as the two runoff elections for June 18.

Stephanie Finnie won the Democratic primary for the Clerk of Superior Court seat, defeating John Bryant and leading her path to succeed longtime clerk Linda Hays who did not seek reelection.

In the coroner race, Kimberly Griggs will move on to the November election after defeating Gabriel White in the Democratic primary. Griggs will face incumbent Tommy Davis for the seat in November.

The Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (ESPLOST) VI has passed.

UPDATE #2 (10:53 p.m.): Stephanie Lindsey and Alana Sanders will go to a runoff on June 18 to determine the District 3 Board of Commissioners Democratic primary winner.

UPDATE #1 (10:49 p.m.): LeAnne Long wins the Republican primary for the District 5 Board of Commissioners race. Long will face Democratic candidate Tiijon Dacosta, who ran unopposed in the primary, in the November election. Incumbent Ronnie Cowan did not seek reelection.

Results are in from the May 21 general primary election. As of ? a.m.., 19 of 19 precincts have reported their votes.

Here are the unofficial results:



- Marcello Banes (Democrat; incumbent): 4,700 (53.91 percent)

- Marcus Jordan (Democrat): 4,019 (46.09 percent)

District 3 Board of Commissioners 

- Stephanie Lindsey (Democrat): 1,072 (47.84 percent)

- Alana Sanders (Democrat; incumbent): 1,039 (46.36 percent)

- Willie Arthur Smith (Democrat): 130 (5.80 percent)

District 5 Board of Commissioners 

-LeAnne Long (Republican): 1,501 (71.54 percent)

- Keith Ellis (Republican): 597 (28.46 percent)

Tax Commissioner

- Brent Bennett (Democrat): 2,688 (31.03 percent)

- Avis Williams (Democrat): 2,578 (29.76 percent)

- Marilyn Williams (Democrat): 2,093 (24.16 percent)

- Margaret Smith (Democrat): 1,304 (15.05 percent)


- Kimberly Griggs (Democrat): 5,270 (63.57 percent)

- Gabriel White (Democrat) : 3.020 (37.43 percent)

Clerk of Superior Court

- Stephanie Finnie (Democrat): 5,321 (61.82 percent)

- John Bryant (Democrat): 3,286 (38.18 percent)


- Yes: 8,610 (61.53 percent)

- No: 5.384 (38.47 percent)


- Stan Edwards, District 1 Board of Commissioners (Republican; Incumbent):  1,512

- Denise Williams, District 1 Board of Commissioners (Democrat): 1,143

- Tiijon DaCosta, District 5 Board of Commissioners (Democrat): 1,185

- Justin Hipps, Sheriff (Republican): 4,801 

- Ezell Brown, Sheriff (Democrat; Incumbent): 8,159

- Tommy Davis, Coroner (Republican; Incumbent): 5,046

- Eddie Johnson, District 2 Board of Education (Democrat; Incumbent): 1,844

- Anderson Bailey, District 4 Board of Education (Democrat; Incumbent): 1,564

- Melanie Bell, Probate Judge (Republican; Incumbent): 4,810

- Randy McGinley, Alcovy Judicial Circuit District Attorney (Republican; Incumbent): 4,853

Official and complete results are expected to be released later this week.