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County residents adjust to frigid temps
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Newton County residents have had to adjust quickly to frigid temperatures that plunged below 10 degress Monday and Tuesday nights.

The following are updates on local weather-related issues:

Water pipes

Residents should be on the lookout as water pipes are beginning to break more frequently as the cold spell lasts longer. Covington Fire Marshall Capt. Tony Smith said the fire department has had 10 calls in the last three hours but said calls are "constantly coming in now" as of just after 4 p.m.

Mike Hopkins, executive director of the Newton County Water and Sewerage Authority, said customer calls have started coming in.

"However, I suspect tomorrow will see an increase in calls of busted pipes as the temperature gets into the mid 40’s," Hopkins said, saying leaks will become noticeable as water unfreezes. "As of now we are providing assistance to the homeowner by helping them turn their water service off until repairs can be made by phone or in person if they are unable to shut the water off at the meter."

Hopkins’ advice: "Be on the lookout for leaks,;cut the water off at the meter. If unable to cut the water off, call water utility to whom you
pay your bill, and call a plumber."

Covington Deputy City Manager Billy Bouchillon said the city has had around 25 calls today about busted pipes. The calls have been spread out, but the Stone Ridge subdivision off Flat Shoals Road has been hit harder than most subdivisions, Bouchillon said.


Snapping Shoals EMC

Roughly 300 customers of Snapping Shoals EMC have experienced power outages. and crews are working to change around 35 underground transformers that went bad overnight due to the cold weather, spokeswoman Leigh Anne Burgess said Tuesday morning.

Newton County Fire

"Quite a few" trees blew down throughout the night, according to Fire Chief Kevin O’Brien.

Covington Fire

Getting more calls for breaking water pipes Tuesday afternoon.

Newton County Sheriff’s Office

No weather-related issues reported.

Covington Police Dept.

No weather-related issues reported. Captain Ken Malcom said the traffic was "extremely light."

Social Circle

A few older homes had frozen pipes; no other weather-related issues reported, officials said.

City of Covington

No weather-related issues reported.


No weather-related issues reported.


No weather-related issues reported.