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County gives East Ga. court ordered letter
Newton County landfill

Newton County has handed over one of two letters requested by the East Georgia Land & Development company and ordered by the Georgia Supreme Court, as East Georgia seeks to build a private sanitary landfill on its property located on Lower River Road.

In accordance with the Supreme Court's order, the county provided a letter certifying that the proposed landfill "is not contradictory to any county zoning or land use regulation or ordinance in affect on June 25, 1997." 

East Georgia also requested a letter stating that the proposed landfill is consistent with Newton County's local, multi-jurisdictional, or regional solid waste management plan. 

In response, the county wrote, "Newton County and its municipalities adopted a Multi-jurisdictional Solid Waste Management Plan in 1993. Since the time of East Georgia's initial consistency request in 1997, a revised Multi-jurisdictional Solid Waste Management Plan ("2010 Plan") was adopted on April 6, 2010. East Georgia's request for a plan consistency determination will be considered under the 2010 Plan."

East Georgia announced its intention to sue Newton County for damages and pursue a private landfill after a settlement agreement with the county fell through earlier this month.