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County Engineer Aaron Wadley resigns
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Newton County Engineer Aaron Wadley resigned from his position Monday, saying he has been disappointed with the County Chairman’s actions during the last three public meetings.

Wadley, whose resignation will go into effect Jan. 22, stated in his resignation letter to the Newton County commissioners that he believes Chairman Keith Ellis has been trying to “discredit staff and damage my name and that of your own solid waste engineer.”

Wadley was originally hired by Newton County as Transportation Director in September of 2014, working under Ellis to oversee roads and engineering, and was promoted to County Engineer in 2015. In November he was given oversight of the landfill due to landfill manager Greg Pace being removed from his position, and was placed under the supervision of the county manager in December.

“I have served the Chairman very well and have never done anything to harm him, but rather to always improve his name while under his direction,” Wadley wrote in his resignation letter. “He stated last night [during Tuesday’s BOC meeting] that ‘the citizens would have to put up with this for another year,’ but as a professional, I will not.”

Wadley said he will work with staff to create a plan to move forward in his absence. He also said he will search for a position where he can “continue to serve with honor and integrity,” and is willing to leave Newton County with his family.

The soon-to-be-former County Engineer told The News Wednesday, “I really enjoyed serving this community. I hate to leave but we all have times we have to face new adventures.”

“I am confident that you, the Board, understands the need for a professionally managed government and authority that can both serve the citizens and improve institutional culture,” Wadley wrote in his resignation letter.

Newton County is currently looking to hire a new county manager after the interim manager, Harry Owens, resigned Dec. 22. There are currently two finalists for the position, Jefferson County Administrator Adam Mestres and Covington Director of Human Resources Ronnie Cowan.