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County Commissioners meet at 7 tonight
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Newton County Commissioners meet tonight at 7 in the Historic Courthouse on the Square. Here's the agenda:



                       A.        Call to Order: Chairman Morgan

B.         Invocation: Reverend Ronny Brannen, Prospect UMC

C.        Pledge of Allegiance

D.        Items for Consideration:  General Administration


Page Number

1-2                               I.          Approval of W/S Minutes dated September 21, 2010

3-4                                           Approval of W/S Minutes dated September 29, 2010  

5-9                                           Approval of BOC Minutes dated September 21, 2010


II.         Proposals, Contracts, Resolutions:

A.           Unfinished Business:

10-35                                                     Tax Commissioner/Tax Refund Requests


                                    III.       B.         New Business:

36-38                                         1.         Service Agreement: Quality Tire Recycling, LLC

39-                                           2.         Juvenile Justice: Acceptance of Grant from                                                                                Council of Juvenile Court Judges of Georgia                                                                  Purchase of Services: $7,500

40                                            3.         Sheriff’s Office: Acceptance of Grant from Bureau                                                                    of Justice Assistance: $14,642

41-43                                       4.         Resolution R100510 - NEGRC’s Local Agricultural                                                      Protection Guide Pilot Program

44-91                                       5.         GDOT Contract: AARA – PI 0009708 Newton

                                                            CR510/Gum Creek Road from SR81 to CR98/Ellis                                                                  Road

92-128                                     6.         Proposals for Design of Permanent Repair of                                                                 Crowell Road


IV.       County Checks:

General Fund: 68778-68982

Special Revenue Fund: 1549-1552

Drug Abuse Rehab: 1550-1553

Juvenile Services: 1900-1902

E-911 Fund: 1610-1625

Grant Fund: 3146-3161

Fire: 67153-67168

                                                Capital Improvement: 2043 only

                                                1995 SPLOST: 1694-1698

2005 SPLOST: 946-951

Debt Service Fund: 68901 only

Cornish Creek: 11489-11514

Water Revenue Bond: 1072 only

Solid Waste: 6321-6339

Senior Services: 6699-6706

Gaither Plantation: 2326-2332

Healthcare Insurance: 1082 only


                  E.   Citizen Comments/Commissioner’s Comments

                  F.   Executive Session

                  G.  Adjourn