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Construction begins on Square improvements

Get used to that orange fencing and construction on the Covington Square. It’ll be there a few weeks.

Monday afternoon, crews began work on the city’s plan to improve the park, complete with two new walkways, repaving existing sidewalks, installing new benches and landscaping around the veterans’ memorial.

“There’s a lot of stuff to get up and put new stuff down, absolutely,” Covington City Manager Leigh Anne Knight said Tuesday. “At the present time what you see is some installation of new sidewalks.”

Construction was planned to begin Aug. 11 for timing’s sake.

“There was very little going on in the Square from Aug. 11 to the first of September,” she said. The project should be finished by the first week of next month.

“We’re thinking it’s going to be very nice,” she said. “It’ll benefit everybody in the community by having a Square that looks really nice.”

The improvements will make the Square more photogenic for the movie companies that film there, to be sure, “but it’s for the citizens, too,” Knight said. “There are a lot of people who use the Square on a regular basis, to take lunch or if they’re out in the evening go for a stroll. It’ll be a beautiful spot at the end of construction.”

The county allows the city to maintain and improve the Square.