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Commissioner Demond Mason to lead ACCG Revenue and Finance Policy Committee
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Demond Mason

ATLANTA —  Newton County Commissioner Demond Mason was recently named as the 2023-2024 vice-chair of the Revenue and Finance Policy Committee for the Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG). The appointment was made by ACCG President and Baldwin County Commissioner Henry Craig. 

““It was an honor and a privilege to serve as Vice Chair of the ACCG Revenue and Finance Committee under the leadership of Immediate Past President, Commissioner Melissa Hughes, and it is also an honor and privilege to serve in this same capacity under the leadership of our new ACCG President, Commissioner Henry Craig,” Mason said. “Leading this committee has allowed me the opportunity to gain more knowledge and insight in the area of County revenue and finance subject matters, as well as provided me with an opportunity to ensure that my County Commissioner colleagues voices are being heard when resolutions are being submitted to our State Delegates for consideration. I appreciate this opportunity to serve in this role for another year and I look forward to being an asset toward the continued work that the ACCG Revenue and Finance Committee brings to positively enhance the trajectory of Georgia County government.” 

District 3 Commissioner Mason, will lead the Revenue and Finance Policy Committee along with Paulding County Chairman David Carmichael, who was named committee chair. 

Legislative advocacy and public policy development are two of the primary services that ACCG provides to Georgia counties. The association uses a consensus-based policy committee process to bring together county commissioners and county staff to discuss issues of concern to county government that require changes to state and federal laws and agency policies. Policy committees develop positions on key issues, which become part of the Policy Agenda. The Policy Agenda is voted on by the membership during the ACCG Legislative Leadership Conference held annually in October. The ACCG governmental affairs team uses the Policy Agenda to guide advocacy efforts on behalf of counties during the legislative session. 

The Revenue and Finance Committee considers policies on behalf of local taxpayers to ensure that revenue and budget decisions made at the state level do not negatively impact county finances and county taxpayers. Issues considered by this committee include local sales and use taxes, property taxes, and user fees. 

"Policy development and legislative advocacy are foundational tenets of our organization," said ACCG Executive Director Dave Wills. "We prioritize being a member-driven and -focused organization and look forward to working with the new leaders of our policy development committees to drive discussions and help lead change on issues of significance to all Georgia counties."