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Temporary stop signs to become permanent fixture around Covington square
Temporary stop signs were placed strategically around the square as a test. - photo by Amanda Ellington

COVINGTON, Ga. - Some of the recently added temporary stop signs around the Covington square will become permanent thanks to a unanimous vote by the Covington City Council Monday night. 

The stop signs around the square will become a permanent fixture after a vote by the Covington City Council Monday night. - photo by Amanda Ellington

The new signs will be permanently installed at the following intersections: 

  • Monticello Street and Church Street
  • Reynolds Street at Monticello Street and Church Street

Councilman Anthony Henderson made the motion to install the stop signs, which was seconded by Councilman Josh McKelvey and unanimously approved by the council. 

Earlier in the meeting, during the public comment portion, Fleeta Smith Baggett thanked the council for the installation of the temporary signs and encouraged the making them permanent. 

"We are extremely grateful for the stop signs," she said. "They've made a huge impact on the speed approaching the square and it has also cut down on the through-traffic on the square. People are finding other ways to go around the square."