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Porterdale votes approval for homestead exemption referendum
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Porterdale residents on Tuesday gave their approval by a vote of 115 to 5 to a $10,000 homestead exemption.

The homestead exemption would help lower property taxes for Porterdale homeowners whose primary residence is in the city. The millage rate was raised about four mills earlier this year.

The original referendum was finalized in January, and was sent to the state legislature for approval. It was signed by Gov. Sonny Perdue in June.

In other Porterdale business:

• Open applications for the position of police chief closed on Oct. 31. The city has received 17 applications, and will be conducting interviews as soon as possible to fill the position.

• The council voted to endorse a Northeast Georgia Plan for Bicycling and Walking initiative "to promote non-motorized transportation options to improve air quality and public health, increase the safety of all users of the transportation network, expand opportunities for transportation-disadvantaged individuals, and promote community and economic development." The city is currently in the planning process of adding trails along the Yellow River.

• Several sections of the housing code were changed. The amount of time allowed for notification of non-threatening code violations has been extended in some instances, and the amount of time allowed for the property owner to submit a repair plan to the city manager has been extended to ten days. Conditions that threaten the health and wellbeing of occupants still must submit a repair plan within one day of receiving notification.