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Porterdale landlord fined
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A Porterdale landlord was fined $1,300 and placed on 30 days probation after a property he owned was found to be in violation of many of the city’s property code ordinances.

According to Code Enforcement Officer Monty Hill, Henry Floyd’s residential rental property on Poplar Street was dilapidated and unsecured, presenting a health and safety hazard.

After allegedly failing several months ago to respond to several notices from the city informing him of the corrections needed and that he had 45 days to plan repairs, he was issued a citation from the Porterdale Police Department and appeared in court last week. The judge gave Floyd a $1,300 fine and 30 days probation, time he must use to effect repairs. If no plans for repairs are submitted by the end of his probation, Floyd will face jail time.

Hill stated that he had responded to calls about the building and found it to be unsecured, with windows broken out, doors kicked in and electrical systems vandalized.

"The property being unsecured was our main reason for pursing the case," Hill said. According to Hill, the city was concerned that the property could attract children or the homeless who could be injured there.

Hill also reported inside that the carpet was covered with mold and mildew, the drywall was collapsing and that the roof was caving in. The building also had no working plumbing. The outside of the building was reportedly overgrown with vines and ivy.

Numerous residents have complained at recent city council meetings about eyesores and homes in poor repair around Porterdale. Residents with a concern should report possible code violations to City Hall at (770) 786-2217 or to Hill at (770) 786-8046.