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Oxford citizens voice concerns about sewer expansion
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OXFORD, Ga. – Emory Street homeowners came out in force to Monday night’s Oxford City Council work session to voice their concerns about the proposed expansion of the city’s sewer system.

In a wide ranging meeting that touched on the city’s FY20wide-rangingxford College street plans, the introduction of the city’s newest police officer and employee pay raises, it was the proposed expansion of the city’s sewer system that elicited the most reaction from those in attendance. Among the concerns is the Oxford city ordinance requiring all homes within 100 feet of the sewer system be connected to it. Cost was another concern voiced by speakers at the meeting.

“A lot of us can’t afford something like this, “one homeowner said. “We’re a one income family and we can barely afford the bills we have now. I talked to a plumber and it’s going to cost us $3,500 just to close our septic tank and run lines to your sewer line. We can’t afford that, no matter what kind of payment plan you put on it.”

Another resident told the council that he had just spent nearly $4,000 to install a new septic tank.

“For us to have to cap it off, not to mention the damage to our yard and our neighbor’s yard is not very palatable to us,” he said.

Several speakers said they did not understand why they were going to be required to hook up to the sewer system when they have not had any problems with their septic system.

Mayor Jerry Roseberry thanked those in attendance for being there and letting the council know their concerns. He also said the issue will continue to be discussed.

“We’re glad you’re here and we’re listening to you,” he said. “Continue to come to the meetings and let us hear from you.”

The council’s next scheduled meeting is June 5 at 7 p.m.