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Merchants meet with city officials to discuss filming
Cov Filming
Merchants bring examples and concerns about recent filming experiences around the square. - photo by Jackie Gutknecht

 Main Street merchants came together Friday after­noon to talk with members of the Covington City Coun­cil and discuss ways to make sure filming in the downtown district benefits the residents, merchants and city as a whole.

Cov Filming
Covington City Councilman Josh McKelvey takes notes during Friday’s meetign with merchants. - photo by Jackie Gutknecht

Covington Mayor Ron­nie Johnston, City Council­man Josh McKelvey and City Councilwoman Susie Keck were present to hear con­cerns from the merchants and provide feedback to ques­tions. Johnston said the entire council was informed of the meeting but might have had other obligations and did not attend.

McKelvey said he has heard a lot of feedback from mer­chants around the square and is aware that filming is an is­sue that needs to be addressed.

The current filming proce­dures were put in place about five years ago and the city has agreed to review the proce­dures and make changes that compare to the changes seen around the square.

“You’re our priority so we have to figure out how to make this work for everybody,” Keck said.

Many merchants raised concerns about the commu­nication between the film employees and the merchants. Questions about using park­ing, sidewalk and window spaces were also brought up.

Jack Phillips said because his restaurant - Irish Bred Pub – is part of a franchise, he has seen what other cities have in place for filming guidelines. He suggested the city take a look at those as a place to start.

Johnston said 99.9 percent of the merchants around Cov­ington’s downtown square want to see filming continue as long as there is a plan in place to make sure it works for everyone.

Merchants also raised con­cerns about the most recent filming on the square. “Goose­bumps” decorated downtown for Halloween last month for its filming and due to weath­er and other scheduling con­flicts, it did not go as smoothly as planned.

“‘Goosebumps’ was the first filming we’ve had in quite some time,” City Man­ager Leigh Anne Knight said. “When we get out of the mode and go back to it, that’s when the issues arise.”

Johnston said with the ad­dition of Three Ring Studios coming to the community, some of the filming stressors and growing pains should be elevated.

Knight agreed to work with the merchants on some immediate fixes, while the councilmembers agreed to re­view the policy and see what changes can be made.