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McKelvey to seek reelection
Josh McKelvey
Josh McKelvey

COVINGTON, Ga. - Josh McKelvey announced Thursday that he intends to seek reelection to the East Ward City Council seat he currently holds.  

”It has been an honor serving the City of Covington," McKelvey said. "My decision to seek reelection did not come easy.  From being elected at 27 years old to today, my life has changed dramatically. Over the last few weeks, I’ve received numerous calls from concerned citizens encouraging me to continue. I believe I owe it to them to keep the momentum going. My hope is that the voters of the City of Covington will entrust me once again with the honor of being their representative, and once again provide me the opportunity to be a part of something much bigger than myself.”

McKelvey was elected in 2015 and was supported by many across the political spectrum.  

”The promises I made in my first election were always at the front of my mind when making decisions," he said. "I promised to bring greater transparency to the City of Covington. We’ve organized town hall meetings, ensured that information was communicated through multiple channels, and we are now broadcasting Council meetings live over the internet.  I promised to work to create an environment that was attractive to both business and young families. That goal has been a major focus of my first term. Finally, my promise to support public safety has been kept. We’ve made great strides towards providing our first responders with the manpower and technology they deserve. I ran on these promises and strive to continue keeping these promises.”

McKelvey believes his message appeals to many. 

"I think it is because people understand that my goal is not to rule their lives," he said. "My goal has always been to listen to everyone and try to reach a consensus. There are times where I have to remind myself that I’m not always right. You can thank my wife for teaching me that. 

"In today’s world, social media makes it difficult to ensure that everyone gets the real story. There are people that are willing to twist the truth to fit their personal agendas. It is my job to remain engaged with citizens, even when we disagree. It isn’t always easy to listen to them, but being a representative means you have to hear from all sides and work through issues together. Our community is important enough to seek common ground.”

McKelvey said one signature accomplishment he is most proud of during his first term. 

“Probably getting the pension removed for future elected officials," he said. "My thought was that if we aren’t willing to give a pension to the employees of the city, elected officials should not give it to themselves. Our work on that issue was a great win for the citizens.”

Josh is married to his college sweetheart, Allie, and together they have three children. McKelvey says his family is his biggest reason for seeking reelection.  

"We’ve got to make Covington more attractive for young families," he said. "I don’t want my children growing up, leaving, and never coming back. We have gotten some good things done since 2016, but there is still more work to do. I can assure the people of Covington that I will not seek reelection after a second term. My children are growing up quickly and I never intended on this being a career. I am more committed to Covington than ever, and I look forward to serving you for four more years.”