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Legion Field on track to become Premier event facility

COVINGTON, Ga - With the ultimate goal of making it a park the public could use for a variety of activities, the City of Covington has made a host of improvements to Legion Field within the past few years.

Between 2014 and 2016 a new amphitheater and adjacent pavilion was built and the old fair building was rehabilitated into a modern event space. The parking lot and walking trail were both paved as well.

With the high demand of Legion Field as a popular place to host events, the Covington City Council recently approved another round of cosmetic improvements. These enhancements are scheduled go into effect within the year.

One of the improvements soon to be implemented is the staining of the concrete floor in the Fair Building. The current concrete floor is bare and untreated. This causes stains to become easily evident, as well as wear patterns from foot traffic. A commercial grade stain will improve the aesthetics and functionality of the floor, eliminating this problem.

Another future improvement will be painting and trimming the cinder block walls in the Fair Building. These will get finished in wood and painted white, improving the look of the room while creating a canvas to show presentations and slideshows during meetings and weddings. By offering a wall that can be used for screening purposes, this allows more opportunities for different types of events to be held within the facility.

A final improvement that was recently approved includes the construction of a decorative fence to hide the air conditioning unit at the entrance of Legion Field that faces the Fair Building. A six-foot privacy fence will be constructed and painted to match the building.

Legion Field has hosted everything from the annual fair, to weddings, and is frequently used as a base camp for filming productions. It is open to the public 365 days a year, unless a private event is being held.

Legion Field is available for private events. If you are interested in renting Legion Field, call 770- 385-2000.