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Keener to seek reelection in Social Circle District 3
David Keener

SOCIAL CIRCLE - Mayor Pro Tem David Keener has announced his intentions to seek a new term representing District 3 on the Social Circle City Council.

He is unopposed.

“I am proud to stand on my record as a councilman thus far. However, there are always things that need to be done and improvements to make," Keener, 63, said.

“I'm excited about the future of Social Circle and I want to continue to be a vital partner in Social Circle's future. I believe that the good people of Social Circle and God brought me to where I am today in this community and, my prayer every day is that God will lead, guide and direct me in everything that I undertake to do and will help me make decisions that are pleasing to Him and beneficial to our city. I want to continue my journey.”

Keener has served with the Social Circle City Council since April 2009.

When asked why he enjoyed being on the council and wanted to return for another term, Keener said, “I am passionate about serving the citizens of Social Circle. I guess my motto would be that ‘I want to serve; not be served.’

“During my terms thus far, I have become friends with US congressmen, state legislators, [the] Walton County chairman and commissioners and countless mayors and council members throughout the state of Georgia. It is a pleasure to know that I can call on any of them at any time for help when needed.”

When asked how he felt about working with the mayor and other council members, he said, “I believe we work well together as a group. Of course as it would be with any group, we have disagreements, but when decisions are made, I and I believe the other council members realize that we are making decisions for the benefit of our city.”

When he isn’t networking around the city at various events, Kenner said he enjoys many hobbies.

“I enjoy gardening and growing vegetables to share with the community. Maybe this isn't a hobby, but I enjoy meeting people and getting out in Social Circle to assess the desires and needs of our citizens. I love to attend and sponsor the many events we are fortunate to have in our community.”

Keener and his wife, Penny, live and play in Social Circle, but can be found throughout the Walton County area.

When it comes to the voters, Keener said, “I want my voters to know that I will work hard for the citizens of Social Circle and continue to be a good steward of their dollars.”