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'A job worth doing is worth doing well'
Porterdale police officer receives plaque for detaining armed male
Porterdale Police Sgt. Charles Cook awards Officer Ryan Boston a plaque during the July 1, 2019, city council meeting for Boston's action to detain an armed man during a robbery the previous month. - photo by Caitlin Jett

PORTERDALE, Ga. - Porterdale’s Officer Ryan Boston received a plaque from Sgt. Charles Cook during the July 1 city council meeting. The plaque was given in recognition of his commitment and dedication to the city of Porterdale when he detained an armed male during a gas station robbery on Wednesday, June 19. 

Boston had no prior knowledge that he would be receiving an award for his actions. His wife and children were in attendance to watch the award be given.

“The reward is awesome,” Boston said. “But, I would have done it [the job] regardless.”

Boston mentioned multiple times that he was just “doing his job.” 

As the awarded plaque stated, “A job worth doing is worth doing well.”