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Individuals receive Meritorious Service awards from Covington Police Department
officer johnson and bono
Officer Dustin Johnson and K-9 Bono.

At the 2023 CPD Awards Ceremony, held on Feb. 20, eight individuals were recognized with Meritorious Service awards.  

K-9 Bono and Officer Dustin Johnson: After responding to an armed robbery at a local establishment, Officer Johnson and Bono tracked the suspects into a wooded area. As Bono and Officer Johnson approached, they found one suspect on the ground who the duo apprehended. The other suspect attempted to climb a nearby fence and K-9 Bono leapt into action, grabbing the suspect's leg and then immediately releasing it upon command. One suspect was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and both suspects were charged with obstruction of officers.

david stewart
David Stewart.

Sgt. David Stewart - Awarded for his investigative work in tracking down the person responsible for dealing drugs to an individual who died of a fentanyl overdose. Sgt. Stewart obtained video, conducted interviews, and wrote multiple search warrants to determine where the deceased obtained the lethal fentanyl. After a lengthy investigation by the Covington Police Department and the GBI, a search warrant was executed and the dealer was arrested and ultimately charged with murder.

cheyenne fleming
Cheyenne Fleming.
keith waddell
Keith Waddell.

Officer Cheyenne Fleming, Officer Keith Waddell and Officer Ryan Barrett (not pictured): Officers Barrett, Fleming and Waddell arrived at a home to find the residence engulfed in flames and a citizen trapped on the front porch. Disregarding their own safety, these officers assisted the citizen, who was on crutches and unable to walk, in getting to safety.

ryan abadie
Ryan Abadie.

Officer Ryan Abadie - Awarded for his life saving actions when responding to a cardiac arrest of a female who had been found unresponsive by her husband. Upon arrival, Officer Abadie began CPR and continued CPR until EMS units arrived ultimately saving her life.

A Meritorious Service award may be granted to any employee for an “outstanding act where there was a threat of serious bodily injury or a life saving deed." It may also be awarded for “outstanding investigative performance or criminal apprehension.”

“There are so many avenues in which our team protects and serves, whether through investigation or in the field, and it is our privilege to protect and serve Covington,” a CPD Facebook post stated. “Thank you Officers for your selfless and heroic acts.”