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Parking to be on diagonal on some streets near square
Parking spaces on College Avenue between Oak and Davis streets, Monticello Street btween Reynolds and Conyers streets and these on Church Street will be changed to diagnal spaces.

People looking to park on some streets near the downtown Covington Square will have more options. On Monday night, the Covington City Council approved the staff recommendations to convert parking to diagonal spaces and add 10 spaces for golf carts in areas not suited for car parking.

According to a report to the council submitted by Ken Swain, Transportation Manager, creating the park spots for golf carts would free up spaces for larger vehicles.

“At one time,” City Manager Leigh Anne Knight told the council, “for those of you who’ve lived here most of your lives, these were diagonal parking [areas]. We’d like to return to it to make more parking spaces.

“We won’t be taking current spaces for golf cart parking,” she said. “If you drive around town, you’ll see various spaces where we can put gold cart parking.”

The streets where parking directions will be changed are College Avenue between Oak and Davis streets, and Church and Monticello streets between Reynolds and Conyers streets.

Covington city workers Robert Barfield, Ken Swain and Brad Stoothoff began painting the new diagonal parking stripes last Sunday, and will continue to paint stripes on Sundays, beginning April 17, until the project is completed.

The motion to approve passed unanimously.