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Parking lot feud lands one in NMC
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Suspicious activity in the wee hours of the morning ended with an arrest of one man and a hospital trip for his female companion.

Officers from the Covington Police Department were patrolling the area of Covington Lodge when they noticed a man and a woman sitting between parked cars on the ground at the hotel. When they stopped to ask if they were OK, the male said they were, but when the female (who had her back to them initially) turned around, officers could see that her face was horribly swollen and bloody.

When officers walked over to the couple they could tell they were "extremely intoxicated" and reports indicate the man, identified as 32-year-old Carlos Anaya Valencia,didn't seem to like it that they were questioning the female about her injuries.

Once the two were separated by officers, the female kept asking them to call her mother and was hesitant to talk to them about her injuries, according to reports. She was wearing a pair of white jeans that were on inside out and covered in blood and no shoes, and officers noticed there were a pair black heels and off-white panties near the scene. After several minutes of questioning, she reportedly told officers that she had been working earlier, and when she got off, she went to The Depot to meet Valencia.

She told officers that the two left the bar and came to the hotel. At some point another female came into the room where she and Valencia were, which started an argument between the two and she left the room. Valencia allegedly followed her into the parking lot, where they continued arguing. Eventually when the officers asked what happened to her face she replied "he did it," indicating Valencia.
The victim was unable to give them a room number and when officers asked Valencia to give them the room number he and the victim had been in, he began walking around the hotel. Officers asked him where he was headed and he nodded his head toward a completely separate hotel, at which time he was placed under arrest and transported to the Newton County Detention Center.

During the ride to the jail Valencia sat in the back of the patrol car cursing, according to reports, and when they arrived, the barrage of curse words continued, aimed at the officers. After telling him several times to go into the search room, Valencia reportedly spat onto the officer's shirt. The officer, who indicated in his report that he had several items in his hands at the time, lifted his leg and kicked Valencia in the stomach, knocking him into the search room and slammed the door.

Intake officers went into the search room and Valencia continued to behave in a disorderly manner, causing officers to take him to the ground, causing an injury to his mouth which a nurse looked at.

Officers went to Newton Medical Center where the victim had been transported. She was reportedly passed out in bed at the time, but the next afternoon she and her mother came to the police department. The victim's face was badly swollen and required stitches. She also alleged that $200 was missing from her purse and that Valencia had continued to call her from jail where he remains, charged with loitering or prowling, public drunkenness, battery and simple battery on a police officer.