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Covington firefighters get a different kind of protective equipment
Covington firefighters try on new gear.jpg
Covington firefighters try on their new gear. From left: Hampton Mizell, Matt Davis, Jeremy Mathis, Dorean Generals and Brian Moore

COVINGTON, Ga. – In what may be a growing sign of the times, Covington firefighters will now have bullet-proof vests and ballistic helmets at their disposal if they need them.

Fire Chief Jeremy Holmes said the department purchased 16 vests and helmets, four for each fire apparatus and enough for every firefighter riding on a truck to have one available.

In addition to the 16 vests and helmets, the city’s $17,000 investment also upgraded the protective equipment used by the nine CPD firefighters assigned to Covington PD’s Emergency Services Unit.

“Unfortunately, this is the way that all fire departments are going because one of the biggest threats is an active shooter,” Training Chief Danny Garner said. “We are the fire department, we’re the insurance company, we’re the insurance for the city in case anything happens. We’ve got to be ready.”