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Covington approves Lions Club addition
Cov Lions Club
The Covington Lions Club will add a new storage building to its facilities at Academy Springs Park. - photo by Jackie Gutknecht

COVINGTON, Ga. – The Covington Lions Club will add a storage building to their building at Academy Springs Park as part of the process to add internal bathrooms to the building and make the current external bathrooms open for public use.

“This is the west part of Academy Springs. As this is located on the city’s property, their request comes to the council to determine if they would be able to place another building there,” City Manager Leigh Anne Knight said. “The reason for the request is for the Lions Club to move their current storage area to this new building so that they can begin working on preparing a restroom area inside of their current facility.

“Currently, their restrooms are located on the outside of their facility and once the inside ones are completed they will allow the city to open those outside restrooms to the public for use during park hours, which will be a great added benefit to the park.”

Knight said the new building would be located behind the current building and make it appear as if it is a part of the existing facility.

In other news, the council also unanimously approved a 20-year renewal of the lease for the Lions Club at Academy Springs Park.