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City of Covington releases proposed plans for Central Park
Central Park

COVINGTON, Ga. – Featuring an abundance of greenspace and amenities, the City of Covington recently released proposed plans for Covington Central Park, a and amenities, the City of Covington recently released proposed plans for Covington Central Park, a 93-acre tract in the heart of the city.

The only one of its kind in Covington, the amenity-rich park could feature everything from a skate park and botanical gardens to residential living and a championship disc golf course.

“Most of the amenities are proposed at this stage,” said City Manager Leigh Anne Knight. “Council members are out polling the community to gauge what they would like to see in the park. This park is going to be cutting edge and we want to ensure it has something for everyone and is of the highest caliber when complete.”

Central Park logo
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Serving as a connecting point for approximately 10 neighborhoods, the northernmost portion of park property reaches the Texas Alley, Sand Hill and Harristown communities while stretching as far south as the Sterling Lakes and Nelson Heights areas.   

“This community is extremely fortunate to have a tract of this size run through the heart of the city,” said Covington Mayor Ronnie Johnston. “This project not only gives us the opportunity to bring some much-needed leisure activities to residents and visitors, but it allows us to enhance some areas of Covington that need some attention.”

Constructed in phases, work has already begun with the repair of city infrastructure that runs through the middle of the park. Once those repairs are complete, construction of a championship 18-hole disc golf course will begin along with a covered bridge spanning Dried Indian Creek. With six entrances slated for Lunsford Circle, Avery Street, Ponderosa Drive, Indian Creek Circle, Highland Drive and Laseter Street, park goers will be able to choose their entrance based off the amenity they wish to utilize.

The list of proposed amenities includes a disc golf course, a residential area, pavilions, hiking/walking trails, a mountain bike trail, skate park, playgrounds, multi-purpose fields, botanical gardens and restrooms. Residents are encouraged to let their city council representatives know what they would and would not enjoy seeing in Central Park. 

“One of the most appealing aspects of this project is the cost,” Knight said. “This is being funded by hotel/motel tax revenues so citizen’s property taxes will not be utilized for Central Park projects. We can thank in large part the visitors that come to our city and stay in our hotels for making this park a reality.”

While infrastructure repair has already begun, a completion date for the park has not been set.

“A park of this size takes time to build,” Knight said. “You can rest assured we will build it well to serve our citizens and visitors for generations to come. You will see entrances, disc golf, the covered bridge and some walking trails in the near future. After that, it will be a process of phasing in the amenities citizens have asked for.”