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Candidate Q&A: Jeffrey Johnson
Candidate Q&A

The News: What does being a councilmember mean to you?
Jeffrey Johnson

Johnson: A councilmember is a voice and the leader of a community.  It is someone that people entrust to make the best decisions and will positively affect those he/she represents. To me, a councilmember is someone that will help the community grow, progress and unite.  A councilmember is someone who has the foresight to positively affect their community beyond their term of service. 

The News: With recent discussion in the city revolving around proposed alcohol ordinances, if the topic is revisited will you vote for it or against it? What lead you to that decision?  

Johnson: This issue of proposed alcohol ordinances seems to be a sensitive subject within our city.  In handling this, I would ask for a special vote.  I want to hear the voices of our citizens.  When we are able to find what our citizens truly want, I would fiercely support their decision. 

The News: Where do you see the City of Covington in four years? If elected, what are your goals for the four years you’re in office?

Johnson: My goals for the next four years are to help empower the West Ward to become the strongest it has ever been.  In the next four years, I will help advance the most important part of our community, the people.  I will help prepare each person for the next step in their life, career or education.  I want the West Ward to thrive. All of us, together. I will help continue bringing jobs and opportunities to Covington and I will help prepare the community to receive those jobs.  I love that big corporations have their hearts set on Covington, but I don’t like the same corporations looking elsewhere for their staff.  Those opportunities belong to us, and as your council member I will help prepare you for those opportunities.  I will help connect the corporations with our communities and schools.  I will bring resources to our community to ensure that our students are considered the best and the brightest.   I will also help to connect our community.  Through the various mentoring programs I work with and have founded, I’ve learned that we can all grow from each other.  I will be a council member with an open mind and open heart. I want us all to succeed. If you are looking for a council member that will focus on keeping that “close-knit neighborhood” feel that Covington delivers, progress and growth in our community, and connecting us as a community then I am asking for your vote. Let’s grow together.

The News: How can city residents reach you if they have more questions?

Johnson: Feel free to send an email to, or contact me through my Facebook page @citizensforjeffreyjohnson.