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Candidate Q&A: Anthony Henderson
Candidate Q&A

The News: What does being a councilmember mean to you?
Anthony Henderson
Anthony Henderson

Henderson: It would mean so much to be able to represent the ward I grew up in as a kid. It means you are hope, help and trust for the community as a council member. There’s nothing better than being able to impact kids, senior citizens and families lives daily. As a councilmember, you will have to make tough decisions. I see myself as a child of God trying to bring love and more about the people into politics. It’s about making sure the community is safe and have every resource possible available. It’s about moving poverty to wealth. It’s not just a seat to me; it’s a way for me to change lives. It’s a way for you to be the voice and express the heart of the community you serve. You must understand you are elected by the people and that you must make decisions according to the people’s wants. It means I will have an opportunity to be a leader and role model for the youth in the community with the opportunity to step in family’s life’s trying my best to strengthen them where they are weak. In the Holy Bible scripture Proverbs 22:6 says to raise a child the way he or she should go and when they are old they will not depart from it. As a councilmember, you must make decisions that will help the youth, senior citizens and that will bring families together no matter their race, belief or religion.

The News: With recent discussion in the city revolving around proposed alcohol ordinances, if the topic is revisited will you vote for it or against it? What lead you to that decision?

Henderson: First, I would like to say I work in law enforcement and I’m for the City of Covington being a safe place for small businesses to grow and to continue to create jobs for this community.  I’m big on fairness and I’m big on facts. Prior to the recently proposed alcohol ordinance, the current councilmembers approved for licensed small businesses to serve alcohol on sidewalks. This was a way for small businesses with a license to attract more people to Covington and revenue for their business. So, now we have other small businesses wanting to attract more people and revenue for their business by allowing customers to host private parties with a limit number of alcoholic beverages and for them to be able to serve champagne to customers. But we will not allow them to. If we do something for one business we must do the same for the other. If elected, I would like to revisit both ordinances to make sure we make the best decisions for all the small businesses in Covington, not just for a few. We must make sure Covington is a place for opportunities and growth but is also safe for people. Police records show the ordinance approved for alcohol to be served on the sidewalks didn’t increase DUI arrests nor did it increase public intoxication. I think the first ordinance was one of the biggest challenges and it proved to not influence the community. There’s a way we solve this for all the businesses. Either we limit all or we find a way for the other small businesses to have the ordinance with specific qualifications, licenses and rules. 

The News: Where do you see the City of Covington in four years? If elected, what are your goals for the four years you’re in office?

Henderson: In the past four years, Covington has been recognized nationally from movie streaming, beautiful restaurants, the 4th of July fireworks and many more events. In four years, I see Covington as place for safety, a place where you can visit and receive life-lasting experiences, a place where you will be accepted no matter your race, religion, or belief, a place where small businesses can grow, a place where the East Ward and West Ward are equal, a place where the  senior citizens and the youth  are priorities, a place full of history, a place where you can come and choose from different parks to have fun at and a place you can call home.  If elected, my platform will: take care of the senior citizens, secure the future for the youth, and it will bring resources to Post 3 West Ward. I will create financial aid assistance for the senior citizens. There’s no way the seniors should be struggling. I will get leaders to come to Post 3 west local community centers to give the youth tips on the things they want to do in life. We must start early with the youth. I will repair roads in Post 3 for transportation, I will fix up the parks in Post 3 west, I will host a job fair once a year in Covington, I will help to assist families, we will decrease the percentage of the families who go daily without food. I will attract more small business and assist with increasing parking in downtown Covington, I will be led by God.

The News: How can city residents reach you if they have more questions?

Henderson: Covington residents can contact me by phone at470-227-3700 or email at I look forward to hearing the people’s concerns. I want to work with all people. I will be one phone call away. I would love to sit down and discuss more of my views and expectations for Covington. Thank you, and let’s move Covington forward!