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Christmas is over
Now what are you going to do with your tree?

The holiday season seems to be the best time of the year, and most people start off their Christmas by going out and picking the right tree for their household. After Christmas is over, those who picked up artificial tree can pack it up and store it until next year. But, those who went out and bought a real tree may face the problem of what to do with their tree after Christmas is over. There are plenty of valuable things to do with your leftover Christmas tree.

The basic approach people can take with their leftover tree is recycling it. Real trees can be recycled and reused for other purposes. Usually, one can take their tree up to a local recycling center and they will take it. Also, some non-profits organizations offer a service to come pick up your tree for small donation.

If you want to recycle your tree in your own way, you can do that also. Leftover trees ca used as bird feeders if put together correctly. Bird seeds, peanuts, raisins, nuts, peanut butter, margarine, and popcorn are all items that can be used to make your bird-feeder, and you can put in right in your yard to make a great food source for the winter birds.
Based off your location, your tree can be used to make productive sand and soil erosion barriers for those who live near beaches. You can use your tree to help benefit your garden right at your home. The trunk and branches from the tree can be used as mulch. The mulch provides a defense barrier for the roots of other plants; also it prevents weeds from growing. The decomposition of the mulch provides valuable nutrients for the plants.

For those artistic and creative people, the braches from your Christmas tree can be used in a variety of ways to decorated around the house in a flavorful way. It is important that we recycle and reuse Christmas trees because to just dispose of them, having them remain in landfills for years adds to waste and is not very kind to the environment.