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Christmas Eve arrest in knife attack
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A Covington man was arrested on Christmas Eve after randomly brandishing a knife, according to reports.

The victim told police that his sister woke him up because there was someone at their home who wanted to see him. He reportedly told police that Solomon Harris was in his vehicle yelling, "Why did you break into my house?" and said that the victim's cousin Tre had told him about the break-in. The victim went across the street to Tre's house to speak with him. He wasn't home but his mother Peaches was, according to reports.

Peaches walked over to Harris' car to speak with him and Harris reportedly got out of his vehicle holding a large kitchen knife and attempted to stab the victim. After Harris' mother drove up, he allegedly put his knife into his car but continued arguing with the victim until police arrived and placed him in handcuffs.

After two witnesses confirmed the victim's story, police spoke with Harris. He allegedly told them that he had seen Tre at the liquor store and Tre had told him the victim had broken into his home. He admitted there was a knife in the car but said it was his mother's.

Officers arrested Harris and took him to the Newton County Jail where he was charged with aggravated assault.

A $40 ride
Officers responded to Riverside Mobile Home Park Saturday afternoon after a man reported that an acquaintance had stolen money from his vehicle and then threatened him earlier that day.

The victim told officers that he was walking out of a gas station when Joseph "Joey" Martin called his name and asked if the victim could give him a ride to Riverside Mobile Home Park.

When the victim said no, that his family was with him, Martin allegedly asked the victim if he could get him some drugs. When the victim said that he didn't do drugs, Martin then asked if the victim could give him a ride to a gas station close by, and the victim agreed to do so.

Once Martin left the victim's vehicle, the victim noticed that $40 was missing from the center console. The victim then drove to the Mobile Home Park and confronted Martin who reportedly told them the $40 was in a truck that he had gotten a ride to the park in.

After being gone for a while, the victim went and found Martin walking in the park. When he approached him, Martin allegedly drew a knife on the victim.

Police took statements and are still investigating the incident, according to reports.