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Child attacked by raccoons released from hospital
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The infant that was attacked in her crib by two raccoons was released from the hospital.

The 9-month-old was reportedly sleeping in her crib when the two raccoons attacked on Nov. 3. She was biten extensively in the face and head. The mother of the child, who was sleeping in the same room as her infant daughter allegedly told investigators that she woke when she heard the baby whimpering and found the raccoons in the crib. She reportedly threw the animals outside and called for help. The mother reportedly told authorities that the raccoons had pushed their way into the room at the side panels of a window air conditioning unit.

Both raccoons were shot but only one located and the child was treated for rabies as a precaution. Almost immediately investigators began looking into rumors that the family had been keeping the raccoons as pets.

According to Newton County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Lt. Tyrone Oliver, authorities are still investigating the incident and charges are pending against the child's parents, though what those charges will be has not been released.