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Cat fight complaint leads to drug arrest
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A phone call about a cat quickly turns into an officer allegedly finding two juveniles with marijuana.

Officers responded to a call on Saturday about a cat that had attacked a kitten. Law enforcement officials spoke with the complainant and advised her they would let the owner of the cat know it had attacked the kitten.

Upon arrival on Parnell Street, officers knocked on the front door. There was no response. They went to the garage door and could see a person looking out the window at them. The unidentified person then ran to the back of the house as police yelled after the person.

Before other officers arrived, a man popped out of the hallway. He was then commanded to get down on the ground. He was asked if anyone else was in the house but he did not respond. Another man appeared in the hallway coming from the same room. He was commanded to get down on the ground also. They informed the officer a female was asleep in the bedroom.

The two males were handcuffed on the floor. A female appeared from the bedroom and she told the officers her name was Ashleigh. At that time, the owner of the house Dawn Gonzalez arrived. She informed officers that her son, daughter and her boyfriend were inside the house.

Officers allegedly smelled marijuana and found an ashtray in the room the males came out of that had marijuana stems and leaves in plain view.

When officers asked one of the males why he ran, the male allegedly said there was a marijuana bong in the closet. The officer was then taken to the room and allegedly shown several pipes with residue and a large baggie containing less than an ounce of marijuana.

The two males were identified as 17-year-old Austin Tyler Jervis and a 15-year-old juvenile.

Upon speaking to the juvenile's mother, she said he did not have permission to be at the house and he had told her he was at another location.

Jervis said he had been allegedly smoking marijuana for more than two years and that it was his.

The juvenile was released to his mother, however he and Jervis were charged with possession of marijuana less than one ounce. Jervis was placed under arrest and transported to the Newton County Jail and issued a citation.

Boyfriend steals purse, beats girlfriend
Police responded to complainant Tammarus Hurst, after she stated her boyfriend Marcus Barkley, had allegedly busted her lip, scratched her face and damaged her property on Friday.

Hurst said Barkley started arguing with her and Hurst stated she told Barkley she was going to take him to his mother's house because she did not want him at her home. At that time, Barkley allegedly became angry and grabbed her purse from the couch, saying he would leave but he wanted his money.

In an attempt to retrieve her purse, Hurst was then allegedly choked and hit by Barkley, causing her to bleed from her lip.

Hurst stated after she tried to retrieve her purse again, Barkley then allegedly pushed her into the television, damaging it. Barkley then left after Hurst called 911.

Police were not able to find or contact Barkley after the incident.

Hurst's three-year-old daughter was present during the fight.

Hundreds of pirated DVDs seized
More than 800 pirated DVDs were seized at a flea market in the parking lot of Antiques and Stuff on Saturday.

The complainant, Steven Bray, described a heavy set white male, wearing a gray shirt selling the items under a green tent near the building. Police located the man and noticed he had two tables full of merchandise.

The man, who was identified as Donald Paul Piper of Loganville, was then told by law enforcement they had received a complaint about him selling pirated DVD's. Police noted many of the DVD's Piper had for sale appeared to have badly printed covers on the discs and boxes.

When Piper confirmed to police he made the DVD's, but then said, "Well I did not make the DVD's, I printed the labels and put them on the discs." Piper reported he allegedly gets the DVD's from a man in NYC. Piper told police the man will not give Piper his name.

Piper then told police he knew selling pirated DVD's was illegal but he was willing to take his chances.

Officers checked the DVD's and allegedly identified them as being pirated. There were several that were legitimate and given back to Piper. Piper was not placed under arrest but he was asked to leave the property and not return.