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Canine Charisma: 2011 Mutt Show results
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Best of show
CG (Australian shepherd mix)
Morgan Thomas

Best Kisser
First: Bella Miller, Rebecca Miller
Second: Sammy, Cayce Coreland
Third: Rags, Lori Todd

Most Handsome
First: Bo, Cindy Lord
Second: Max, Hayley Gordon
Third: Prince, Sheba Jean Morrison

Most Beautiful
First: CG, Morgan Thomas
Second: Ally, Netanya Moore
Third: Madison

Best Trick
First: Baby, Ashley Sullivan
Second: Charlotte, Cyndie Tweedy
Third: Dino, Rhonda Ewing

Most Obedient
First: Maggie, Vicki Stafford
Second: Sookie, Chris Wheeler
Third: Cody, Charles Purvis

Look Alike
First: Bella, Candence Banks
Second: Otto, Darrell Askew
Third: Pepper, William Callaway

Best Dressed
First: MacKenzie, Terrie Grier
Second: Riley, Stephanie Kazar
Third: Milee, Shelby Janzer