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Can you hear me now?
Amber Pittman
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A couple was arrested early Sunday morning, after trying to make a woman pay for a cell phone she had misplaced and they had found.

A woman told officers that she had left her phone at Kroger the previous day, and had received text messages from a person who said they would return it for $140. She arranged to meet this person at the pay phones in front of QuikTrip, and officers accompanied her.

When she began making the transaction, officers were able to arrest David Call. He allegedly told them that he had been given the phone by a man, and then he changed his story and said a female, Christie Delancy, who was waiting in the car for him, gave him the phone and told him to meet with the owner to exchange the money. After first denying it, Delancy eventually admitted to being a part of the plan, although she did reportedly tell officers that another man had given her the phone after purchasing it from someone else.
The phone, valued at $400, was returned to its owner. Still on the phone were still text messages arranging the exchange for $140.

Both Call and Delancy were arrested and charged with theft by receiving. Delancy was additionally taken into custody for brokering the deal.