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Workplace trends affecting administrative professionals

Executives who occupy corner offices tend to get much of the glory for a company’s success. But many professionals know the progress and sustainability of a business tends to lie within the daily services offered by its front line of employees. A number of these seasoned and dedicated workers fall within the category of administrative professionals.

Administrative professionals have seen their roles evolve in the changing face of office employment. While some of the more conventional duties that have long been a part of admins’ jobs remain, many now find their roles expanding. Admins who want to stay a step ahead and improve their career opportunities can hone their skills and keep abreast of the changing trends.

A survey sponsored by OfficeTeam and the International Association of Administrative Professionals zeroed in on what hiring managers said they consider are key motivators for hiring admins. The survey found that organizational skills, initiative and attention to detail are some of the most important qualities for support professionals to possess. They also need to have advanced technical skills, as proficiency in Microsoft Office is just the tip of the iceberg. Some employers now require office professionals be skilled at cloud-based apps, social media, database management, and even website maintenance. Long gone are the days when filing papers and keeping up on company correspondence filled the bulk of an admin’s day.

The following are some skills administrative professionals may need to advance their careers.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication: Being bilingual is an added feather in one’s cap.
  • Industry experience: Knowledge regarding how a specific industry and/or business works can help admin professionals.
  • Customer service skills: A friendly but effective demeanor can benefit admins.
  • Filing/billing: An ability to file and/or create financial reports coupled with knowledge regarding how to process invoices can help admins.
  • Flexibility: Admins who can wear many hats are especially attractive candidates to many businesses, as admins may have to fill in for the duties of an office manager or bookkeeper.
  • Thirst for knowledge: A desire to continue one’s education, including involving oneself in various seminars or training sessions particular to the industry, can help admins. Credentials are sought-after and include certification in certain industry standard courses.
  • ·BYOD trends also are rising among administrative professionals. This means workers are able to bring their own computers or other digital devices to work. Admins may be tasked with establishing protocol for security and maintenance of such devices.

Thanks to evolving roles for administrative professionals, outdated job titles are changing and salaries are increasing. According to Salary Guide, the average starting salary across the administrative field increased by 3.4 percent in 2015 and continues to grow. Current administrative professionals can continue to grow their skill sets and keep current on the training or technologies that can help them advance their careers.