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Tiger Woods chooses Covington-made golf ball in historic Masters win
Tiger Woods hits from the second tee during the final round for the Masters golf tournament Sunday, April 14, 2019, in Augusta, Ga. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

COVINGTON, Ga. – The secret to success for 2019 Masters Tournament Champion Tiger Woods might have come right out of the city of Covington, with his Bridgestone TOUR B XS golf ball. 

“No. 1 in the equation to the formula of success was the ball,” Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting Manager Adam Rehberg said. “That product was used on every single shot. He might have switched out for a competing brand for his iron or driver, but every shot he took was with a Bridgestone product.”

The 43-year-old Woods shot a 2-under 70 for a one-stroke victory Sunday and his 15th major championship. This is his first green jacket at Augusta National since 2005. 

The entire process of making the golf ball is done right in Covington, Rehberg said. Located on Industrial Park Boulevard, Bridgestone Golf’s Covington location is a one-stop-shop. 

“It’s much like baking a cake, there are a lot of different ingredients,” Rehberg said. “We do everything here, it’s all in-house.” 

Rehberg said there are several different ways a professional golfer can end up with a certain brand, whether it be in golf balls, clubs or apparel. 

“Some guys go with the sponsorship deal, but when Nike left the golf ball game, Tiger had the opportunity to choose anyone he wants,” he said. “We were really excited that he reached out to us through his camp to get fitted with the perfect ball.”

Rehberg said as a resident of Covington, it makes him proud to see the Bridgestone logo whether it is on a professional or local course. 

“Our local industries really make Covington/Newton County shine and this past week is no exception,” Serra P. Hall, senior project manager for Covington/Newton County economic development, said. “Bridgestone Golf is a leader in the golf world and the team in Covington that manufactures each golf ball is special. 

“To have such and iconic brand in Covington is important to Georgia and we are proud that they call us home.”

Woods played with the TOUR B XS Bridgestone Golf ball. 

“Tiger really needs his golf ball to deliver more spin,” Rehberg said. “It has a really soft urethane cover which allows him to spin the ball around the green.

“He (Woods) says he can back off spin. A lot of players don’t know how to take the spin off the ball.”

Rehberg said an average consumer looking to play with the tournament-winning ball can also choose the TOUR R XS, which is designed for a slower swing speed. 

“We are proud that Bridgestone is made here and played here,” Hall said. “Congratulations, Tiger Woods and congratulations Bridgestone on a stellar product.”