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Supporter Spotlight: Multi-Care Holistic Health Center
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Taking an alternative approach to health and wellness, Multi-Care Holistic Heath Center aims to make you feel better naturally. Located on 1650 Honey Creek Commons, Suite F, the clinic addresses a range of issues, from weight-loss, sleep issues, nutrition and body pain, with a variety of treatments, including natural, pharmacological-grade nutraceutical supplements, whole-food supplements and bio-identical hormones.

"We’re about helping people get their health back to where it should be," said Gina Johnson, administrator and co-founder, "but in a healthy and as natural way as possible."

The primary difference between a typical healthcare clinic and Multi-Care Holistic, said Johnson, is that traditional medicine focuses on identifying and treating specific diseases, whereas holistic healthcare focuses on finding the underlying reason why the body is not working properly. The alternative approaches use a combination of holistic and nutritional techniques to assist the body in fighting disease and ailments naturally and on its own.

"We treat the cause; we do not treat symptoms. If we can treat the cause, then the person’s body can heal itself," Johnson said.

Founded by husband and wife team, Dr. Thomas Johnson and Gina Johnson, Multi-Care Holistic Health Center has been in business for about 14 years, beginning solely as a chiropractic clinic. The health center evolved to encompass holistic medicine about three years ago. Dr. Johnson is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic medicine, and Gina Johnson worked in the health and fitness business for many years prior to founding the Center.

In addition to providing alternative healthcare solutions to patients, Multi-Care Holistic offers free workshops every other Saturday to learn about how hormones effect a wide variety of ailments in the body and the solutions one can take to alleviate them.

For more information on the services offered or to reserve a spot for the next free workshop visit or call (770) 922-2556.