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Supporter Spotlight... Emory Thompson Realty
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Despite the recent mortgage crisis and economic instability, new opportunities await potential homeowners and sellers.

Emory Thompson Realty is a full service real estate company that offers money-saving programs for both buyers and sellers. While mainly serving Walton, Newton, Morgan, Rockdale and Jasper counties, Thompson Realty is a fully licensed broker for the state of Georgia.

The real estate company, owned and operated by Emory Thompson, offers home buyers and sellers separate programs not generally offered by many real estate agents. Buyers can select the Registered Buyer program, an agreement that will reward the buyer with a cash rebate upon closing the sale of the property. Sellers are presented a Flat Rate Listing program, which pays the agent a flat rate instead of multiple document costs and a commission. Not only is each program designed to save customers money and allows an active role for the agent to play throughout the buying/selling process.

"It’s a concept that has been around for a number of years," Thompson said. "It’s not new to me, because I have researched for four or five years. And it finally dawned on me that the timing is right for the public to accept a concept such as this. There are tons of good bargains for houses and there are a lot of young couples that are afraid to buy. So we got to have something that will put people at ease."

The Flat Rate Listing program allows for a real estate professional to assist the owner from start to finish by offering the following services: provide the seller the market data that helps determine the sale price of the home, lists the property on Multiple Listing Service and links the property to over 300 real estate websites, helps pre-qualify buyers, provides contracts and disclosure forms and contact negotiations.

The Registered Buyer program, like the Flat Rate program, is optional for the buyer. Potential homeowners can choose to purchase a home exclusively from a seller who is part of the Flat Rate program (the real estate agent plays no role except setting up the meeting between buyer and seller; therefore, commission rates are avoided). If said buyer decides to purchase a different home (one not under the Flat Rate program), he can enter into the Registered Buyer program and receive a cash rebate that comes from a portion of the commission the agent would receive.

"The economic times dictate that we need something different, and it’s time for something new on the scene. For a lot of sellers, their property will not sell for enough to pay for what they owe on it. Sometimes, $4,000 to $5,000 might make a difference on whether they can sell it or not. So I’m trying to give the clients a good deal."

Thompson, who has lived in the local community for most of his life, uses his knowledge of the area to help customers with their real estate needs.

With the new programs only starting recently, he plans to fine-tune the programs in the coming months to provide the most satisfaction for buyers and sellers.

"My uncle used to say to me — I was chewing a piece of Wrigley’s chewing gum — he said, ‘the Wrigley family are multi-millionaires and they made it one penny at a time.’ So I’m using that same concept. I may make less money on each house, whether it’s a listing or a sale, but at the end of the year, if I got enough of them, I’ll make a living," Thompson said. Then, with a laugh, "I’m sure there are a lot of people that think I’m crazy for doing this, but I’ve been crazy for more than 60 years."