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Supporter Spotlight: Advanced Retirement Planning
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Advanced Retirement Planning opened 14 years ago when partner David Allred saw a need for comprehensive and holistic retirement and estate planning for the elderly.

It was personal: Allred was trying to find an adviser willing to spend the necessary time to help craft a unique plan for his grandmother's retirement.

"I was just having such a hard time finding someone who would take care of my grandmother's needs," said Allred. "I figured this company will be able to avoid that cookie-cutter approach that is typical in this business."

Striving to provide sound financial advice for the retired, the company helps them coordinate their wealth with their legacy. The retirement and estate planning services include IRA and 401K rollovers, long-term care insurance, wealth transfers, and trust management, which is becoming a very important tool to preserve assets and benefits, according to Allred. For clients who work during the day, Advanced Retirement Planning offers evening hours by appointment.

"We don't have traditional banking hours," said Allred. "We want to try to be there for our clients the best way we can."

Along with an in-house attorney dedicated to handling trust and wills for clients, Allred also indicated that the company looks into every nook of an individual's retirement, including Medicare, VA benefits eligibility and various types of family legacy issues.

"We serve about half of our clients through house visits," said Allred. "Like old-fashioned doctors, we visit them so they won't have to come in. Driving to our office may prove to be a difficult task for some of our clients."

During the slower summer months, Advanced Retirement Planning works with Newton Medical's auxiliary volunteer program. They recently participated in the program's annual fundraiser.

Allred believes the secret to the company's success lies in its willingness to invest time with clients to achieve the results, to help their retirees get what they want. They make sure to avoid the cookie-cutter approach, he said, and to provide a personalized approach by listening closely to its clients' needs.

"We spend a lot of time listening, more than the average planners and advisors," said Allred. "You have to listen more than you talk. We take advantage of that aspect here."