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SteelCo wins award for commitment to youth
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City Pond Park is one of Newton County's crown jewels with its baseball fields, football field, tennis courts and walking paths set against a beautiful water backdrop.

However, for years the park at times would become almost unbearably hot, because of its absorbent black asphalt.
In 2008, SteelCo Buildings won a nearly $200,000 bid to replace the asphalt paths with concrete.

SteelCo also graded problem spots to keep water from pooling, repaired the park's infrastructure and donated the park's pavilion free of charge.

The Newton County Recreation Commission was so pleased it submitted SteelCo's work for a national award, and this year the company won. SteelCo received the 2011 Outstanding Support Organization Award from the National Association of County Park and Recreation Officials.

"We don't do anything for the youth to be recognized, but we have a strong commitment to education and recreation," SteelCo President Shane Millwood said. "We all came through both the schools and recreation, so that's where we feel most comfortable (donating) our money."

Millwood and fellow employees place their children in recreation programs and volunteer as coaches.

"We appreciate all the extra work they did at City Pond," Recreation Director Tommy Hailey said. "There are a lot of areas we wouldn't have covered if they didn't pick (up the costs)."

SteelCo celebrated its 10th year in business last week. The company designs, sells and constructs steel buildings for a variety of business and personal uses.

The former R.L. Cousins High School Gym, which was renovated and reopened in January, also won a national award because of its cultural and historic significance to Covington.