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Pre-registration filling up for Alcovy Fitness Club
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Formally known as the Covington Athletic Club, Alcovy Fitness and Wellness has seen a large number of people pre-registering to take advantage of low prices and an initiation fee of $99 waived for those wishing to sign up before the gym re-opens around the beginning of November.

"We've had over 1,000 people sign up," staff member Liz Diller said. "It's all about these great prices. People can't find prices like these right now."

The gym was bought by Jim and Pam Stillerman who invested more than $2 million dollars in new equipment and renovations.

There will be an indoor pool at the gym as well making it the only fitness center with an indoor pool in Covington.

The basic membership cost is $9.95 per month which just pays for the basic use of equipment. Each extra amenity costs an extra $10 per month. Group fitness classes and pool use count as one amenity. $29.95 is the final price for full access.
"We hope to receive 2,000 more members sign up before we open back up in November," Diller said.

Stillerman said the pricing structure is the standard in the industry, and she hopes the flexible plans will enable Alcovy Fitness and Wellness to grow to 3,000 members.

For more information, call (770) 385-8550, or sign up at the Alcovy Fitness and Wellness pre-sale office in Newton Plaza located at 3146 U.S. Highway 278 NW, Covington.