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Musulyn’s to host America’s Best Restaurants this month

COVINGTON, Ga. – Local restaurant Musulyn’s International Restaurant will be hosting a visit from America’s Best Restaurants (ABR) later this month.

America’s Best Restaurants, a national media and marketing company focusing on bringing attention to local, independently-owned restaurants, will bring its ABR Roadshow to the restaurant on Jan. 10th. Popular dishes will be highlighted, along with an extensive on-camera interview with owner Carmenia Morgan-Tyrus about the restaurant’s special place in the community. The episode will be aired extensively on social media channels at a later date.

Morgan-Tyrus began her career in the nursing field, and learned to cook from her sister. They had a dream to open their own restaurant, but unfortunately her sister, Musulyn, passed away before the dream could be realized.

 “I promised her I would continue the journey,” Morgan-Tyrus said. “Here I am. I started off with catering and now I have my own storefront.”

The storefront opened just last year.

 Morgan-Tyrus, who emigrated in the 1980s from Liberia, West Africa, cooks all kinds of international cuisine but with a focus on her heritage, African food.

Items that may be showcased on the episode include the egg rolls, filled with curry beef, seafood, or collard greens; homemade non-alcoholic ginger beer; Egusi and Fufu, a favorite African stew made with different meats; and Liberian jollof rice, which is a blend of rice with tomatoes, spices, and peppers.

America’s Best Restaurants will be filming on location on Wednesday Jan. 10 from 2-5 p.m. EST. The restaurant’s finished episode premiere date will be announced on their Facebook page and will be featured on America’s Best Restaurants’ website.

Morgan-Tyrus is hopeful the episode showcasing her unique cuisine will help introduce the community to what she has to offer.

“When you tell the story about your food, I think you sell the food,” Morgan-Tyrus said “Of course, when you taste the food, definitely you want to come back for more. The food will sell itself but also I would love to introduce the food to [people].”