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Mason staying in Covington
Business service remains in Covington at new offices
Mason Business Services has been a part of the Covington business community since 1981, and has recently expanded to a 1,800-square-foot property on Industrial Blvd.

Mason’s Business Services needed more room.

Owner Mike Mason’s business had outgrown the 1,300-square-foot office he’d had built on Mill Street in Covington 21-years ago. When he built his former office, the business served 500 clients. That number has grown to 2,000, as well as provides bookkeeping and accounting services for around 80 small businesses.

But Mason didn’t want to leave the Newton County area. After all, it was where he’d been raised, where he’d raised his own family, where over half of his clients lived. So, last September, he contacted the Covington/Newton Chamber of Commerce’s Office of Economic Development, looking for help.

“One of our main goals is to make sure we help [existing] expand where they are, which is in the Covington/Newton County area,” said Serra Phillips, Director of Commercial Development in the Office of Economic Development.

As part of the Economic Development Office, Phillips helps recruit and retain commercial and retail businesses. In response to Mason’s request, Phillips helped him look for an appropriate space for his business, looking at properties ranging from land to be built upon to existing storefronts.

“During this process, we were able to build a great relationship with Mike, understanding his business plan as well as his needs,” she said.

“It was great working with Serra,” Mason said. “She checked up on me twice a week to see if she could help.”

Mason signed a lease on the 1,800-square-foot property at 10230 Industrial Blvd., next to the new Wal-Mart and moved in by Jan. 20 in time for the 2015 tax season.

“I think our current size will do everything we need,” Mason said. “There are three private offices for interviewing clients, a work area and a lobby. We have 3 private offices for interviewing clients, and a work area plus a lobby. We went from 14- or 15 parking spaces to easily 25.”

“It was a pleasure to work with Mike Mason’s team,” Phillips said. “We’re glad we could help them find a home and we didn’t lose them outside Newton County.”

Phillips said that the Office of Economic Development offers help to new and existing retail and commercial businesses as well as manufacturing and industrial concerns. It also provides work force development, helping businesses find employees as well as strengthen existing employees skills.

“One big advantage of our office is we are constantly working for the county and city as a whole,” she said. “We want to see great businesses come in and current businesses expand. Our business is to keep tax dollars here, as well as opportunities for people to work, live and play.”