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Life Dance Wellness Center: Improving quality of life, one person at a time

COVINGTON, Ga. - Life Dance Wellness Center, a health and wellness center located on Industrial Boulevard in Covington is dedicated to providing quality wellness services for clients in Newton County. Life Dance Wellness Center was selected as April’s Small Business of the Month by the Covington Newton County Chamber of Commerce, sponsored by Newton Federal Bank.

Owner Laurie Oliver was inspired by her experiences in South Korea, teaching English years before to open the business.

“I am from Covington. I grew up here and went to college at Oxford College. After graduating, I taught English in South Korea and that’s where I learned about their healthcare system, specifically their massage therapies,” she said.

“When I returned to my hometown in 1996, I studied massage therapy and I also met my husband, Dr. David Pellington, a chiropractor, at the time. I opened the center in 1997. My husband and I decided to work together in 2003 when we moved to our current location,” Oliver said.

In 2003, Life Dance Wellness Center moved to Industrial Boulevard where it has been serving the Newton County community ever since. Oliver got the name for the center when she listened to the radio one day.

“The name we had before didn’t really describe what we did as a business. I was listening to the radio one day and heard the John Montgomery song, “Life’s A Dance.” I thought, ‘that’s it.’ Life is a dance and we want to help our clients dance through life with less pain. So, I chose the name Life Dance,” she said.

With a licensed staff of contracted therapists and managers, Life Dance Wellness Center offers massage therapies, integrative therapies and chiropractic services for clients. Some of the most popular services provided include hot stone massages, Thai massages and Oncology massages for cancer patients.

There are also integrative therapies where clients can receive a blend of different techniques in their massages, suited for their specific condition. These services help relieve muscular pain and stress.

“People come for pain and stress relief. They want a place to relieve their pain and to relax. We have treated people with chronic problems, arthritis and cancer,” Oliver said.

Oliver’s husband, David manages the center’s chiropractic services.

To ensure quality service, Life Dance Wellness Center has a few managers on staff to address clients’ needs.

“Our managers are very experienced and friendly,” Oliver said. “They are always available when clients have questions or needs help.”

The main mission of Life Dance Wellness Center is to make clients feel comfortable during their sessions. “This is the client’s hour. We are here to take care of them,” Oliver said. The center plans to add a few new services for the increased wellness of their patrons.

“We will soon be introducing esthetician services. Linda, whom we recently hired on staff will be onsite providing facials for clients,” Oliver said.

Concerning the Small Business of the Month award, the Life Dance Wellness staff is pleased and honored to be selected.

“We were extremely honored when we heard the news. We enjoy being involved in our community from our talks at assisted living centers to the Cheerios Challenge. We are grateful that we were chosen,” Oliver said.