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Full shopping plaza sets tone for county

As Newton County continues to grow commercially, a key component of growth will be the use of its already built shopping plaza and commercial buildings.

Currently only one shopping center in Newton County is completely full, and that is Morgan Plaza on Pace Street.
In April, Ya Ya Sisters Gifts ‘n More opened, putting Morgan Plaza at capacity, ending a two-year stint without every commercial space occupied.

There are 27 businesses at the shopping center, ranging from a flower boutique, western ware store, a Newton Medical Center Auxiliary operated consignment shop, driving academy, barber shop, a pet store, a church, to a café and more.

Owner Barbara Morgan said she estimates about 75 people are employed in Morgan Plaza, with another dozen volunteers at the Cinderella Shop run by NMC.
Construction of Morgan Plaza began on a cow pasture on Pace Street in 1975, with the last retail spaces built in the early 1980’s.

“I am thankful for the commitment Morgan Plaza has made with Covington to continue great service to upkeep of the plaza and making retention a priority,” Morgan said. “Investing and shopping locally is the key to bringing in other fantastic businesses we all want to see — it’s all a part of the bigger picture.