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Carmichaels Pharmacy: Treating patients and customers like family

Carmichael’s Pharmacy in Covington was selected as Small Business of the Month by the Newton County Chamber of Commerce for the month of February. Carmichael’s Pharmacy has deep roots in Georgia.

Since 1903 in Monroe, Carmichael’s Pharmacy has been serving residents of the area by providing quality services and expert advice.

“Carmichael’s Pharmacy is the oldest, independent pharmacy in Walton County. The Carmichael family started the business in 1903. My husband, Craig Hickman and I got involved with the pharmacy in 1974. We became sold owners of the business,” Wanda Hickman, the owner of Carmichael’s Pharmacy, said.

Hickman’s husband passed away in 2016. Wanda Hickman now oversees operation for the pharmacy. Carmichael’s Pharmacy opened a location in Covington on Highway 278 in 2014, extending the business into Newton County.

“Carmichael’s is three businesses. There is Carmichael’s of Monroe, a retail pharmacy, Carmichael’s Vital Care, a closed pharmacy that does packaging, infusions and compounding, we are the only compounding business in the area and the Carmichael’s of Covington,” Hickman said. 

Both locations in Monroe and Covington are retail pharmacies with extensive services and options. For Carmichael’s Pharmacy in Covington, it is the quality service and dedication of the staff and that sets the pharmacy apart. The two pharmacists at the helm are Larry Brigs and Randy Aiken.  

Carmichael’s of Covington offers prescription services, free delivery of medications to patients and counseling services for Newton County residents. Members of the Covington location aim to treat their customers like family.

“We pride ourselves in providing quality customer care and service. We see the customer as key to our business. We want to do what we can to service them. We like to personalize the care as much as we can,” Hickman said.

There is a CareClub for residents to join where they can receive counseling for specific conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure at least once a month. At Carmichael’s of Covington, Larry Brigs leads the CareClub meetings.

“They do informative programs covering different conditions. Members learn about lifestyle, drugs, diet, things that they can do and how to manage the condition. Members can also meet with our pharmacists for one on one counseling,” Hickman said.

Carmichael’s most popular service is their packaging, compounding and delivery service. “We provide infusions and medicines through our closed pharmacy service. We want to make our patients’ lives much easier,” Hickman said.

Carmichael’s in Covington has many customer-friendly features for the benefit of busy customers.

“In Covington, there’s a drive through window for customers, maybe with a sick child or an elderly relative can pick up their medicine with ease. We provide free delivery of medicines to nursing homes and assisted living spaces and also in home delivery. We are one of the only businesses in the area with this kind of service,” Hickman said.

Carmichael’s Pharmacy can also synchronize patients’ medications to make monthly pick up easier with medications in one package. The store has also provided flu vaccinations each year.

“We are working to improve synchronizing medicines for our patients, reaching out to more customers and creating a total wellness program for the future,” Hickman said.

Due to quality service, Carmichael’s Pharmacy was selected as Small Business of the Month by Newton County Chamber of Commerce, sponsored by Newton Federal Bank, for the month of February. Wanda Hickman and all the Covington staff were elated.

“We were very excited. They are a new business and growing. We were proud of our team in Covington for receiving this award,” Hickman said.

Carmichael’s Pharmacy is located on 9148 Highway US-278 in Covington. Stop in to learn more about the pharmacy’s services and the CareClub.